"Your Frameless Shower Enclosure Specialists"

We have listed below some of our common asked questions. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions!

Q – Are you really Family Owned & Operated?

A – Yes. We are as “Mom & Pop Store” as they come. Al (father) & Jimmy (son) do the measuring, designing and installation of all of our products. We do not sub out any of our work. We believe that we are the best at what we do and the only way to control our quality is to do the work ourselves. Sheri (mother) & Nicole (daughter-in-law) run the office and the showroom. Carol (grandmother), Sebastian (grandson), & Annabelle (granddaughter) also work in the office periodically. Daryn & Nick (family friends) work in production. We have operated our business for the last 20 + years the same way. We do not choose to grow into a huge company with a large staff. We feel that if we would do so, we would lose that personal connection that we have always had with our customers. We stay busy all the time and work really hard, with a lot of hours. But it is worth it! 

Q – Why are your prices much lower than some of your competitors?

A – Well, that has multiple answers. First of all, we do not have any commissioned sales people here. That saves 10 to 20% right out of the gate. Just about all of our competitors have commissioned sales people. Besides, their commission, the salespeople also typically add products and services that you do not even need. Secondly, just about all of our competitors are BIG companies that are more set up for big commercial business instead of retail. They have big warehouses and a large staff. That is a lot of overhead to cover. We have a small staff and the perfect size warehouse and showroom. Finally, we do all of our own work. If you are getting estimates from the big glass companies, your contractor or your builder, most if not all of them are subcontracting the work out to other specialists. They do not have the ability or knowledge to provide the service and products themselves. So there are a few middlemen there making some money. If in the rare occasion you are getting prices near or under ours, we are certain that they are selling inferior products and designs and would be happy to show you the difference between theirs and ours. We also in the last few decades have seen many "fly by night companies" that leave the industry as quick as they came in it. These are people that work out of their truck. They do not have an actual office and or showroom. They typically use faux addresses like UPS stores, shipping centers and PO boxes as their "office" address. They also often are not insured properly. Having no overhead or obligation allows them to offer greatly reduced pricing unable to be matched by other legitimate businesses. But again, they often disappear as simple as changing their mobile phone number. So buyer beware.

Q - Do you also sell kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, tile, windows or auto glass?

A – No. We are frameless shower door specialists. However, that also includes many types of custom frameless glass enclosures. i.e. - Wine Room Enclosures.

Q – How long does it take to get my new shower door? 

A – Once an order has been placed, it can typically take up to 15 business to manufacture tempered safety glass. Sometimes it takes a little more or less, but there are no guarantees. Holidays and inclement weather will of course affect it as well.

Q – How long does it take to install my shower door?

A – That depends on the design. However, on average it takes 1 to 3 hours.

Q – How long do I have to wait to use my new shower door?

A – We suggest that you wait 24 hours in order for the silicone to cure. If you do not have silicone in your design, you can start using it immediately.

Q - Is a header across the top of my frameless shower really necessary?

A – Headers and/or support bars are used by default from some of our competitors. About 98% of our frameless enclosures do not. That is why we are the Ultra Frameless Specialists. Some configurations absolutely require a header or other form of top support, while most do not. We always highly recommend certain designs that utilize a wall mount door. That way it will not require a header or some other form of top support. There are a variety of reasons as to whether your design would require the enclosure to utilize some form of top support. The basic rule of thumb is that if the door is not mounted directly to a tiled wall (that preferably has wood blocking inside), then it would require some form of top support. A header is the most common method of achieving adequate top support. However, every year, new hardware pieces are developed to better support glass panels to be used in lieu of the header. It's best to leave it to us, the experts, to help you determine whether a header is needed for your particular situation. Silicone should never be considered as a sole means of support. Most experienced glass companies (20+ years) will tell you to always have a header, when needed, because we truly know the dangers of glass and because we've been building custom shower enclosures for a long time. More less experienced companies are popping up all the time that will sell you a heavy glass shower door and will install it however you ask. Even though the glass is tempered safety glass, if not installed correctly it can cause serious damage to you and your bathroom.

Q – Do you offer anything other than clear glass?

A – Yes, even though clear is used over 90% of the time, we do offer a variety of textured and artistic glass styles. All are an upcharge to clear. Some are mildly more expensive and others are a lot more expensive. We can provide most anything you can imagine with our Cast glass products. If you have any interest any of these alternative glass options, please simply let us know.

Q – Do you have a showroom?

A – Yes, we have a beautiful showroom that features several full size displays and mock bathrooms of our most common used designs. However, as of December 2021 it is being remodeled. We hope to have the updated version ready to visit by Spring of 2022. For now please contact us to schedule a FREE in home consultation with one of our design specialists.

Q – You advertise as being veteran owned. Who is the veteran?

A – Prior to becoming a shower door extraordinaire, Al proudly served our country in the one and only United States Marine Corps.